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Medical Staffing Software

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Medical Cert Tracking
  • Flexible Bill Rates
  • Complex Job Tracking

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  • Flexible Billings/Payments
  • HIPPA/Privacy Compliant
  • ACA Compliant
  • Scalable

Advanced Medical Skills Tracking

Our medical staffing software has all the features and benefits of our regular front and back office packages plus several key enhancements specifically for medical staffing. Obviously, tracking skills and licenses takes on a whole new importance in medical staffing. We allow you to build your own library of skills and certifications by which to search your database and we closely track certification and license expiration and renewal dates.

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Flexible Bill Rates for Specialized Healthcare Employees

Unlike regular clerical and industrial staffing, we understand that your rates are based on the credentials the position requires. We allow you set up a rate grid for each client and every assignment references that rate table. The client file has been modified to accommodate individual customers with private duty needs as well as institutional customers. Each client may have an unlimited number of billing profiles and, within each, an unlimited number of rate combinations.

Easy Job Tracking for Complex Healthcare Staffing Services

Each request for service is entered onto a job order (or an existing job order can be reused.) Here you list key information regarding the work required and qualifications. The system instantly searches your data base for all qualified applicants. You can choose between two types of assignments. The first type assigns a specific employee to a specific job order for a specific duration and brings forward the rates from the client file. The second opens up a scheduling grid displaying either two 12 hour or three 8 hour shifts daily going out as far as you wish to project it. Assignments are made by a simple pick and click. We provide a quick reference to contact info (and direct dial from the system if your phone system is compatible) to make and record confirmations. The staffer has complete flexibility to juggle employees so long as each has requisite qualifications for the assignment. Invoices provide an easy to read summary of that activity for each billing cycle. If an assignment is attempted on an applicant with expired (or soon to expire) or incomplete credentials, the staffer gets an alert.

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Flexible Billing & Payment for Healthcare Staffing Agencies and Medical Staff Employees

A growing trend in medical staffing is for employees to be paid daily. Our system smoothly handles either daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi monthly or monthly pay schedules. Our systems allow for time entry to be made in either the front or back office, depending on client preference. We provide numerous different types of billable and non-billable payroll types including tips, shift differential, bonus, vacation, per diem etc. One timesheet entry calculates both payroll and billing, slashing payroll and invoicing times from days to hours or hours to minutes.

We offer 3 alternative methods for time entry. If you want to track daily hours, we provide a format for that. If you don’t need to capture daily hours, you can enter time and process payroll one client at a time or view all employees and clients on one screen, regardless of client.